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Ready to earn? Choose nearby tasks.

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with quick, instant tasks that fit your schedule.


Swipe Through Tasks 

Easily navigate and discover tasks that align with your schedule and skills, ensuring a seamless match-making experience - similar to your favorite dating app.


Communicate with Task Posters

Monitor your earnings, completed tasks, and booking growth rate all in one place. Set financial goals for smarter money management and enjoy the freedom to cash out whenever you wish.

Earn Immediately 

Experience secure, encrypted transactions that guarantee your earnings are both safe and prompt. Say goodbye unreliable payments and confidently ensure you're always compensated for your time.



Track your Analytics 

Engage directly with job posters through an integrated chat system, streamlining discussions and clarifications.

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"If you're going to swipe, you might as well make money out of it"
- The Founders

Explore nearby tasks

Swipe and connect with tasks near you, that require no CV or prior experience! 

Closing a Box
"With Hivvey I'm constantly discovering opportunities right in my neighborhood. No CV, no lengthy interviews, just straightforward tasks that I love to do!"

Alex Young, CA

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