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Post or help with a task today. Join the Hive!


Want to earn money doing everyday tasks? 

Swipe through quick tasks and earn instantly.

Need help with a task? 

Create a listing, set your budget, and get help instantly. 

The App

How to Hivvey

Hivvey simplifies the process of securing and offering quick job opportunities. Whether you're looking to monetize your time or find the right person for a task, our app streamlines the process. Simplifying the on-demand workforce, one connection at a time.

Why Hivvey

Discover what sets us apart   

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2-Way Rating System

Precision Matching 

Adaptive Scheduling 

Pricing Autonomy

About Us
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Our Story 

Through our personal experiences, we recognized the gaps and challenges faced by many in the gig economy. Determined to make a difference, we embarked on a journey to reshape the landscape.


Hivvey is our vision brought to life - a platform that empowers every individual to monetize their skills, set their own terms, and achieve their financial goals.

Venture Lab Finalist

“Exceptional. Hivvey, is the next big idea to revolutionise  how we do gig work."

Venture Lab Startup Accelerator

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Testing Program

Be among the first to experience our latest innovations! As a beta tester, you'll have exclusive access to new features, products, or services before they go live. 

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