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You caught us before we're ready! 

but we're launching the Hive very soon! 

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  • When will Hivvey be available for download?
    Hivvey is actively working on perfecting the app to provide you with the best experience. We aim to launch very soon by 2024, and by signing up, you'll be among the first to know when it's ready for download! Get ready to join the Hive!
  • What services can I find on Hivvey?
    Hivvey is designed to offer a wide range of services and job opportunities online & on-site, especially tasks that require no prior experience. This may include helping with moving, event assistance, data entry, and more!
  • How does Hivvey ensure safety and reliability for users?
    Safety and reliability are our top priorities. Hivvey takes several measures, including background checks for taskers and a user review system, to ensure you get trusted help. We've got your back when it comes to quality service!

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